Bisous Magazine

January 29, 2014


Nightmare Daydream formerly known as ingenue collection draws inspiration from decades past. The new collection effortlessly combines classic sophistication with a touch of modernity. A few years back we decided to pick up our brand and venture off into a freshly inspired small community, tucked in the middle of the redwood forest, surrounded by mountains and dreary beaches, a town mysteriously called the Lost Coast.  With internet growing and social media becoming the major way to connect these days, we decided there was no need to keep our headquarters in Southern California, in fact we would be happier being mobile to freely go wherever our hearts inspire us! Hence the beginning of a long journey!



Photographer Sisilia Piring and Stylist Charity Baker. It features Cherish Waters from Elite. Features clothing by L’ecole des Femmes, Nightmare Daydream, Michelle Rose ,and Fornarina.